Acharya Dawa Chhodak Rinpoche

~ Nyingmapa Yogi

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Divinations with Dawa Chhodak Rinpoche


Lama Dawa Chhodak is widely recognized for his mastery of Dorje Yudronma's Mirror divination (ta). 'The Mirror Lama' is a name he is often referred by, and he is able to see into the past and present, as well as predict the success or failure of any situation arising in one's personal and spiritual life. Unlike other Tibetan divination systems, which give only a 'yes' or 'no' answer, mirror divinations provide answers which are detailed, specific and personalized.

photo of Lama Dawa

Lama Dawa's mirror divinations are well known for their high rate of accuracy and for this reason, he is regularly consulted by Lineage Masters, Abbots of monasteries, Lamas and the lay community from all over the world. In this way, he has benefited countless beings through his ability to determine the hidden factors behind any situation as well as finding the right solutions for every problem - whether mundane or spiritual. Practitioners, in particular, find Lama Dawa's divinations most helpful in identifying and solving obstacles to one's spiritual practice. Many people consult with him on an annual basis (usually before the New Year) regarding the general state of one's personal and spiritual life. Many unnecessary obstacles can be eliminated in this way if they are foreseen in advance.

Because the Dorje Yudronma system of divination comes from the Buddhist tradition, the solutions to one's problems will generally be from the Buddhist tradition as well. Typically, the recommended solutions will include commissioning Lamas and/or monasteries to perform various ceremonies, or read prayers and scriptures on your behalf. Or, you may be advised to hang prayer flags, wear certain amulets, make special kinds of offerings, recite mantras, obtain special items like treasure vases, display thankas, or yantras, or take Tibetan herbal remedies, etc. For those who are unfamiliar with these practices, we have included a 'Helpful Resources' section, which includes articles and links to help you with the solutions outlined in your divination.

How to request a divination:

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If you wish to schedule a private divination with Rinpoche, please consult the schedule page to find out if he is traveling to your area. You can set up an appointment by contacting the person in charge of scheduling. Usually appointments are 30 minutes, which leaves enough time to ask three questions. It will be important to arrive a few minutes early and to have your questions clearly formulated in advance. For advice on how to ask your questions, please go to 'Asking Your Question' for guidelines.

If you live far away or cannot come for a private divination, it is still possible to have your questions answered via email. You do not have to be present for your divination. Rinpoche only needs the names and birth dates of the people involved. Time is set aside on a regular basis for email divination requests, and every effort is made to complete them in a timely manner. To find out how to send your divination questions via email, go to 'Request an email divination' for instructions on where to send your questions and donations.

Please note: Although Lama Dawa Rinpoche's divinations are famous for their detail and accuracy, no system of divination or 'psychic' reading can guarantee 100% accuray rate. Mirror divinations should be regarded as a form of consultation and should never replace professional medical, financial, or legal advice. It is the responsibility of those seeking divinations to use their own best judgment when making decisions based on the suggestions given in a divination.

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